Training paradise Lost Villa

We just had a dream week at the dream place Lost Villa. We have saved all the info you need if you want to visit this place. Lost Villa is very special for us. Do you want to know why? Read this.

Lost Villa have training camps with different coaches. There´s 8 weeks in spring and 8 weeks in autumn. 

When you book your week it’s possible to choose with flight or without. If you choose without you can book your own flight or take the train to Split. The transfer from Split Airport to Split town is included for all. When you arrive to Split there’s a few hours before the ferry to Hvar leaves. You have time to check out the town and have some lunch. 

The ferry to Hvar takes around 2 hours and then it’s just the last car trip to Lost Villa. It’s a quite long travel day but it totally worth it when you arrive.

The place is separated in 3 different small places. 

Lost Beach – The most people stay here in small apartments 2-6 persons. You eat lunch and dinner here and here you find the fitness bar. You also find a training area and a beach.
Lost Bay – This place is between Lost Beach and Lost Villa. We stayed here and there’s a private beach.
Lost Villa – Last house on the gravel round. Here you can find the training area! It’s a full equipped box with everything you possibly need for your training.

There are wi-fi hotspots at every place. 

Lost Beach, Lost Bay and Lost Villa are far away from nearest village. There are some other houses but you don’t see so many neighbours. You don’t have a supermarket och restaurants. 


You have breakfast at your apartment so you fix it on your own. Lunch and dinner are made in the restaurant and you eat together with the rest of the participants. If you get hungry in between you can find extra snacks in the fitness bar. 

You don’t need to be a pro, everyone can train here. You find classes everyday in the morning and in the afternoon and you choose how much you want to train. 

There’s also plenty of space for functional training. 


The sea is crystal clear turquoise water and amazing! Check the weather and the wind and swim when it’s the smallest waves. Be careful when you step up and down in the water because there’s a lot of sea urchins.

Other things to do
Between training classes there’s time to relax on the beach. You can borrow a SUP board, swim in the sea, take a run, explore the small trickey trails.
Every Tuesday there’s a trip to Hvar town for those who wants to see a little more of the island and have some food later.

Our training week

We really love that Lost Villa is far away from the other villages. It’s quite and you can just be. The sea is crystal clear turquoise water and amazing! We focused on some extra swimming this time and swam around 18 k in total. We also trained some swimrun and running. Helena Falk was one of the coaches and we joined some classes with the rest of the group. 

We also joined the fun Lost Villa challenge that’s the last happening of the week.

Early ferry back home

Thanks for this time Lost Villa.


Zadar Outdoor Festival 2019

Zadar Outdoor Festival is a festival with a lot of outdoor activities. Running, MTB, Trail running, Kayak, SUP, Swim and much more.

We decided to sign up for Zadar Sunset Run 5k, the Olive Island Trail 21k and the Sea Organ Swim. Activities that we really like.

We stayed at Hostel Forum in the old town. A small and central hotel near the festival that we really can recommend. They also have parking spots near the hotel, so its very convenient.

Zadar Sunset Run 5k was Friday night. The location was perfect and we got to enjoy the most beautiful sunset after the race. Thee race was in town so it was cool to run and a lot af audience cheering.

Check out our video how the race was.

The second day at the festival was an intensive day. We took the ferry over to Preko on the island beside Zadar where the race took place. The race was so much more adventure and much cooler than we thought. Over mountains and olive gardens.

Check out our video from the race. You could also choose 10 k and a lot of people was hiking.

Just a few hours after the race it was time for the Sea Organ Swim race. 1500 meters. The temperature was around 16 degrees. Much warmer than in Sweden right now.

Yes we were tired after two races and the food tasted really good in the evening. We have two favourite restaurants in Zadar.

  • Zadar Jedera. Perfect service and amazing tuna and risotto. You must try this place!
  • Groppo, we had an amazing dinner and our favourite was their fish soup. The best one we ever had!

We really recommend Zadar Outdoor Festival if you want an active holiday at an amazing place.


Weekend in Hvar, Croatia

Croatia is our favourite country. It may be because we met there. This time we were back on the island to participate in ÖtillÖ which you can read more about here.We stayed at the amazing Amfora Hotel. There were great nice rooms and amazing views over the sea.

The day after the race we had the opportunity to go with a sponsor boat to follow the longer ÖtillÖ race. (We did the sprint) It was fun to see the race from the other side.

After the race we ate at the restaurant Luna which is a little hidden behind the big streets. Super good food and really recommended.

We also took the opportunity to swim and do a swimrun session. We love to be back soon again. Here is s short video from our swim.


ÖTILLÖ Hvar – race report

We did the ÖtillÖ Swimrun sprint race in Hvar, Croatia!

It was so awesome and beautiful. Very varm and nice weather. The water was like a dream, as usual. The race was around 12 k in total.

We came in 5th place in the mix class 🥳🤩, check this video if you want to see more from our race.