Skydiving from 4000 meters

Last week we visited Bodyflight. That was pretty much a warm up for the real deal – Skydiving from an airplane. 😁

We went to Skövde Airport for a skydive with instructors from We had an instructor behind us all along and we went up in the air with a small airplain with around 10 other people. Patrik had done a jump one time before but it was the first time for Fanny, who was really nervous.

When we were 4000 meters up in the air they opened the door of the airplane and people starting to jump out. There was not time for thinking, just follow along and jump. 🤷🏻‍♀️

How was it?
Check out our vidoe below.

If we want to do it again? Yes!
Thanks for having us.

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