Swimming with a swimcoach

We have been swimming with Carlsson i form over the last couple of months. Together we’ve been working on our individual technique and our team work. At every session we’re having headphones so we can communicate with Crawlcoachen Ann-Louise from the side of the pool. We have mostly been inside but the last session was outside. We have focused very much on technique but also tried coaching on synced swimming and drafting. Ann-Louise recorded us many times and we analysed our technique together, and we got a lot of tips. Between the swimsessions with Crawlcoachen we got training sessions were we practiced what we learned.

We have learned a lot on just a few times with Crawlcoachen and we really recommend you to try it.

Right now we’re having a competition were you can win a session for two! If you want to win a duo session with Carlsson i form – Check out instagram @teamlost


Swimming with a swim coach

Swimming with a coach. We have never thought about how we swim. We are self learned at we are just guessing how to swim 😉

We are still beginners at swimrun and swimming in general so we realised that some swim coaching would be good. Yesterday was our first swim with coach Anna-Louise (@carlssoniform_crawlcoachen). She recorded us and we really got some eye opening moments. She told us to swim in speed 4/5 and she should take the time. Both of us were swimming in the same speed without knowing it. So I guess we are pretty synced in the speed.
We also learned what we need to work on with our arms and water level.

We have so much to learn. There’s a lot of things we can work on to get faster in swimming and Swimrun races. We’re looking forward to more swim sessions with @carlssoniform_crawlcoachen.