Hem Blogg Swimming with a swim coach

Swimming with a swim coach

av Team Lost

Swimming with a coach. We have never thought about how we swim. We are self learned at we are just guessing how to swim 😉

We are still beginners at swimrun and swimming in general so we realised that some swim coaching would be good. Yesterday was our first swim with coach Anna-Louise (@carlssoniform_crawlcoachen). She recorded us and we really got some eye opening moments. She told us to swim in speed 4/5 and she should take the time. Both of us were swimming in the same speed without knowing it. So I guess we are pretty synced in the speed.
We also learned what we need to work on with our arms and water level.

We have so much to learn. There’s a lot of things we can work on to get faster in swimming and Swimrun races. We’re looking forward to more swim sessions with @carlssoniform_crawlcoachen.

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