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Bali Hope Swimrun

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Bali Hope Swimrun

It was finally time to meet the other team. Bali Hope Swimrun is a big event when 10 teams from 6 different countries meet for 5 days.  A Big thanks to everyone who supported us through the Bali Hope Swimrun event. Together the entire teams raised more than $40,000 USD! All proceeds are going directly to upgrading the recycling facility on Nusa Lembongan so the island can become more sustainable and deal with plastic consumption and pollution. We are grateful for being apart in this event. Combine doing a fun race for a good reason.

During these days we got to know all the other amazing teams. We have been visited a School were the kids get education about the environment and at the same time learning english. We went to see the recycling centre that gets about 2 tons of plastic everyday but just can handle around 300 kg every day. 

We had a clean up meeting with teams and kids and it was amazing to see the differens in just one hour. 

And the main event these days was the Swimrun. 20 k in total with swimming and running and Lembongan and cenengan. We are not really used to this climate so it was a little bit difficult with the heath. This is a short video from the race.

Simple things you can do in your country to reduce the plastic. Say no to plastic bottles, bags, straws and copper when there is opportunity.

Our fundraising page is open some more weeks if you want to donate. 


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