Hem Blogg First swimrun race this year

First swimrun race this year

av Team Lost

Last year we tried swimrun for the first time. We did several races like Koster, Rockman Pyrenees, Stora Stöten swimrun and Bali Hope Swimrun. We got hooked on the first race! From the start we wanted to do a race like ÖtillÖ. ÖtillÖ is the world championship in swimrun. The race take part in september in Stockholm archipelago and it’s a total of 65 km running and 10 km swimming. ÖtillÖ also has a series of races during the year. This year we will do 3 of the races.

The first race is this upcoming weekend in Croatia on the island of Hvar. We will participate in the sprint race which is a total of 10 km running and 1.6 km swimming. A perfect race to start the season with. We are still beginners in swimrun so the focus will be on having a fun race and gain more experience for upcoming races that are both tougher and longer. The longest race we will participate in this year is ÖtillÖ engadin in July in the Swiss Alps.

We’re really looking forward to start of this season in Croatia this weekend.

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