Sjöloppet! RACE REPORT – Winners again

Wow we won again! We really didn’t expect that.

This week we have practiced quick changes between running and swimming, we feel that this can save us a lot of time during the races. 

Before Sjöloppet we had the attitude of having fun, getting all the changes between running and swimming to work well and get the teamwork to work better. We warmed up with the family race. A little over 1 km running and 200 m swimming. Like last week in Jönköping, the Unicorn was with us. 

Then it was time for the sprint race at 15 km. It was hot and sweaty and we put ourselves at the front of the start.

We ran away quickly and was one of the first teams in the water. Patrik swam first and Fanny was behind. We took the lead after the first swimming. And we found a steady pace in the running. It was trails mixed with some asfalt. We didn’t think much about our place, we just tried to work on our team work and have fun.  

At the end, the sprint race and the distance race ran into the finish line. We was the winners in the sprint class and also with a new course record. Super fun ande well organised race  that we love to run again!


ÖtillÖ Utö, race report

Ötillö Utö is a special race. On this day one year ago we got the idea of doing swimrun together and this was the race we were looking at. We didn’t think that we would do som many races before this.

We took the ferry to Utö at the race day. Started with some Nocco ice pops and rested before the race briefing. This time we knew a little more about everything and could be more relaxed. We didn’t check the course so well. Maybe something that we should do next time. Fanny wrote the swim distance at here hand and we got info that it was between 6-10 degrees in the water. It was cold but we have been practiced in this so it would be ok.

We started with a 2,2 k run before the first swim. The running felt ok and we started quite fast. The first swim was interesting. We tried to have a tow rope for the first time. It ended up with some problems and in the middle we decided to swim without it. We need to swim more with a tow rope so we can use it at races. We could feel that our legs was still a little tired after the races the weekend before in Croatia.

The coming swims went better but it was a little cold and we didn’t get warm at the runs. It was 7 swims in total and the race was 13 k. We where in 4th place after the first swim and hold it until we reached finish line. Super happy and we still know that we have many things to work on.

A fun race and we looking forward to do the longer one next year.

Läs om loppet på Patriks blogg.


Swimrun training in Jönköping, Sweden

Finally a permanent swimrun course just 15 minutes from our home. Perfect to train at. The course is about 6,6 km in total and the swims are between 120-220 meters. It was cold but not too cold. Around 10 degrees in the water today. Check the video from todays training.


ÖTILLÖ Hvar – race report

We did the ÖtillÖ Swimrun sprint race in Hvar, Croatia!

It was so awesome and beautiful. Very varm and nice weather. The water was like a dream, as usual. The race was around 12 k in total.

We came in 5th place in the mix class 🥳🤩, check this video if you want to see more from our race.


First swimrun race this year

Last year we tried swimrun for the first time. We did several races like Koster, Rockman Pyrenees, Stora Stöten swimrun and Bali Hope Swimrun. We got hooked on the first race! From the start we wanted to do a race like ÖtillÖ. ÖtillÖ is the world championship in swimrun. The race take part in september in Stockholm archipelago and it’s a total of 65 km running and 10 km swimming. ÖtillÖ also has a series of races during the year. This year we will do 3 of the races.

The first race is this upcoming weekend in Croatia on the island of Hvar. We will participate in the sprint race which is a total of 10 km running and 1.6 km swimming. A perfect race to start the season with. We are still beginners in swimrun so the focus will be on having a fun race and gain more experience for upcoming races that are both tougher and longer. The longest race we will participate in this year is ÖtillÖ engadin in July in the Swiss Alps.

We’re really looking forward to start of this season in Croatia this weekend.


The 3 best islands to swim around in Croatia

We like to swim around islands and here are our best swimming islands in Croatia. A good advice is to make sure not to swim alone and that both have a safety buoy with you.

Galešnjak – <3

The island that looks like a heart. We parked near this sign (picture) and then swam over to the island. The water was clear and with a lot of current. By the island we swam to the left. Here was it a powerful current in the wrong direction and it’s a tough swimming. When you’re going to round the first run it’s shallow. There are many rocks and many sea urchins on the bottom. Hold out from land because you do not want to step to the bottom. Along the back of the island, there is a nice swimming before rounding a cape to get into the top of the heart. The water was calm and there were a lot of fish. The last bit from top to bottom and then over to land again is a tough swimming with current water.

Total about 3600 m


Otok Krapanj

A island where it once lived 2000 people but now only 200 people. We parked at a small shop (Konzum) near the water and walked down to the beach. The water here is not all as current as at Galešnjak. The view is magical with high mountains around the island. We swam to the left past the docks and boats before we got to the other side of the island. It’s not so deep here and there’s sea urchins on the bottom so it is important to hold out properly and not put down your feet. The island felt small from the start but is bigger than you think. The swimming between land and island is relatively short and easy swimming.

Total about 4000 m


Otočić Smokvica

We drove to Primosten and then past hotel Zora and parked at a parking lot. We went out on the beach and swam to the island. The water was calm, super clear and there were no sea urchins. The swimming around the island was magical and relatively short. It’s deep all the time and there is no risk of stepping on sea urchins.
Magical swimming!

Total about 1600 m


Race report – Koster Swimrun

It’s storm and it’s time for our first swimrun together, Koster Swimrun. 
We went out to Koster Islands Friday afternoon. Stormy and rainy! 
Race briefing on the evening and they told us about the course and that they had made some small changes because of all the big waves.

On Saturday morning it was still windy, they had made some more changes and we got to understand why later. The waves were super big! 
We started with a jump from a ferry and a short swim. The first swim felt easy. The first run felt a little bit heavy, maybe because we did’t warm up som much. The views was stunning and we came to the first swim with waves. It didn’t go so smooth. Fanny had big problems with just about everything …. The swim is not easy when you don’t get everything right.

But during the next swim everything felt like normal. We where swimming side by side in big waves and felt unstoppable. Coming up from the water and both of us where smiling. It felt so good. All the coming swims felt really synchronized, as they use to feel.

The most exposed part of the race, the southern part of the west side of Koster Islands was removed due to the stormy weather, but that felt ok when we saw the big waves that hit the shore. Instead we got to run on a very technical part of South Koster. It was very challenging but we had it together.

The last swim was pretty long, and there were many jelly fish. Patrik did get one in his face and it burned him. A lot of people said that it was cold in the water especially the last long swim but we didn’t felt that. I guess we have great wetsuits 🙂

In the end there were som climbing/running along the shore until we reached to goal where we got saluted by Petter and the rest of the Koster Swimrun crew.

It felt great! The race is så nice and the environment on Koster Island is amazing. We hope we can come back next year and run the whole course.