Relaxing at Hooks Herrgård

Can we realax or is it just training all the time? Of course we can relax. We have just spent a day at Hooks Herrgård which you can find around 20 minutes from Jönköping.

Hook Herrgård is located near lake Hokasjön. You can come here for a conference, golf, visit the spa or just to spend a relaxing weekend.

Our room with a nice view over the lake

After we’d checked in we went down to the spa that have a fantastic location. The spa is 1300 kvm and you find hot and cold springs, a 20 meters swimming pool, different saunas. You can also add extra beauty treatments and you have free access to the gym.

After a few hours in the spa, it was time for dinner.

We ate a super good three course dinner.

We had a great sleep and woke up and had a fantastic breakfast.

Thanks for this time Hooks Herrgård.

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