Trail running with backpack and tent

We started our adventure by taking the bus from Jönköping to Gränna harbour. We ran a few km until we joined the John Bauer trail.  This was something new for us, we have never done it before and never been running so long in 24 hours. 

We have packed everything we needed for the coming days. Tent, sleeping bags, kitchen, food, new clothes etc. 


We started to run on asfalt before we came to super cool trails along Lake Vättern. The weather was perfect for running, a little cloudy and around 24 degrees.  Our plan was to make it all the way to Jönköping and we didn’t have any time goal so we walked uphill and toke it easy. 

Small and cool trails

After a couple of hours, near the village of Bunn, we stopped and filled up our water bottles with more water. We took a look at the map and decided where we should put up the tent and sleep for the night. We decided to stop by a lake called Lappsjön. On the way there it started to get darker and darker. Lucky for us we had packed headlights that we used the last 5km. 

We found the lake we were looking for, put up our tent, boiled some water and had a late dinner. The food from we brought was from Real Turmat and it was really nice to have food after some hours of running.  We ran 27 km the first day.

We woke up in paradise

We fell a sleep fast and woke up early with the birds that did some funny sounds. It was a super cool little place that we had found. We had breakfast. Patrik wanted food for breakfast and Fanny hade müsli. We boiled water for our water bottles and packed everything and got ready for running again. 

water for drinking

Our bodies felt ok and we didn’t have any injuries except blisters on our toes from the first day. We hade the same plan as the first day, no stress and walk uphill. Our bags weighted about 5 kilo extra each and it was much harder to run with bags than we had expected. 

We didn’t take any longer breaks, just kept moving forward. When we felt tired we walked for a bit. It started to rain in the end but it was just nice.

When we came to the finish of John Bauer trail we still had a bit left home. We ran down to Huskvarna, ca 5km, were we took the bus home. 

We had a plan to maybe run the last bit home but it was 10 k on asphalt and we both felt that 31 km the second day was enough. We ended the second day with nice and cool trail running and a great feeling instead of add 10 k extra on asphalt. 

We ran 58 k in total, happy and tierd when we came home.


The equipment we used:

All the tent products we use are from Vaude. We really like the brand, the quality and that they have eco friendly products. The have a Green Shape label, that means that their products are made from sustainable materials. 

* Tent model : Hogan SUL 2P
* Matress Performance 7 M 
* Sleeping bags Alpstein Concept Alpstein 200 DWN  
* Backpack Trail spacer 18

We also packed:
* Silva light – Cross trail x 5
* Kitchen from MSR – MSR PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit
* Primus Microntrail
* Food from REAL Turmat
* GoPro

You find the gpx file for the John Bauer Trail here.

Do you know where we should run next?

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Mountainbike adventures in Lenzerheide, Switzerland

Lenzerheide is known to be a great place for mountain biking. You can find a lot of big competitions and you see bikers everywhere. Our first adventure in Lenzeheide was of course mountain biking. We had rental bikes from Pesko Rothornbahn and a guide from Bikeschule Lenzerheide.

We got to learn the basics and took a lite ride before we went to the skill center. We practised small trails and obstacles and got to know the secret tips and tricks. 

A short ride down to the town before we came to a bike park. 

We ended our mountain biking with taking a cable car up to a the top and got a nice ride back down on easy roads.  You can find many super cool downhill paths but we didn’t try any. We are still beginners so this rout was perfect for us.

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Walking the Foxtrail in Lenzerheide, Switzerland

We did the Foxtrail in Lenzerheide. Foxtrail is an adventure for friends and family seeking to discover something interesting and different together.

Foxtrail lead us through Lenzerheide and we got to see the most of the village and we had to work together to decode secret messages, interpret clues and unlock tricky secrets. This was a perfect adventure that we all liked and had fun doing.

trying to get where we should go next on the Foxtrail

You can find Foxtrail in many different location and you can read more about it here – Foxtrail.

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ÖtillÖ Engadin 2019, Race Report

Engadin, Switzerland is a dream location for a swimrun. If you want to know how we traveled there and where we stayed check HERE.

Saturday – Raceday! 

The plan was to do the longer ÖtillÖ race but since Fanny had a struggle with her foot we decided to change to the sprint. 

We hade breakfast and went down to the ÖtillÖ area and picked up our start bag with bibs and caps. Our legs were a little tired from yesterday in the mountains. 

The course included 4 swims and 5 runs and the total length was 15.3 k. We started with a  short warm up, a little bit of running and swimming. The water temperature was cold but not too cold. We are used to colder water home in Sweden.

A last kiss before the start
3-2-1 gooo

We started fast and was one of the first team down in the water. Patrik first and Fanny behind. Patrik swam like a king and we were first of all teams up from the first swim. Crazy feeling.

First up after the first swim

A 2 k run until next swim and the thin air reminded us that it can be hard breathing.  We slowed down a bit and there were all ready teams and solo racers in the water for the next swim.  This time was Fanny first and Patrik behind. We got closer and closer to the other racers when we were swimming and came up side by side with the leaders. 

Happy and a little groggy after the swim and we know what’s coming, Uphill! We walked and all the others also walked uphill. There’s not so much uphill on the sprint if you compere with the long course but uphill always feels hard. This was a 5 k run until we came to next swim. A mixed team had passed us and we just tried to do our best and have fun. 

Next swim went well and then we had a short run until the last swim. It was current and harder. It felt so much longer than the other swims (it wasn’t)

Up from the swim and ready for the last run, we ran faster than some solo racers and passed a mens team. 

Seeing the finish line with a lot of kite surfers down in the water was super cool! 

We finished happy and proud. 2nd place in mixed team and over all. Engadin Swimrun Sprint

Check out the short video from our race. 

Race video

Thanks ÖtillÖ for a fantastic race and thanks Nocco for the support. We hope to be back next year for the longer course.


Canyoning adventure in Benahavis, Marbella

This is the perfect family adventure right outside Marbella, Spain! We’re living at Mikes Gym here in Marbella and not far from here there is an amazing canyon.

We went to Benahavis to explore the canyon. I was so amazing. If you can swim you have to go there. Can’t imagine a more awesome adventure for the whole family! Make sure to see our film from our visit!

If you are looking for an adventure holiday with activities that the whole family can enjoy then Canyoning Benahavis is the place to be. Set in one of the most beautiful areas of the Costa del Sol, Marbella this is the adventure.  This Benahavis Canyoning adventure will be something that you and your family will take away and remember for many years to come.