Hem Blogg ÖtillÖ Engadin 2019, Race Report

ÖtillÖ Engadin 2019, Race Report

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Engadin, Switzerland is a dream location for a swimrun. If you want to know how we traveled there and where we stayed check HERE.

Saturday – Raceday! 

The plan was to do the longer ÖtillÖ race but since Fanny had a struggle with her foot we decided to change to the sprint. 

We hade breakfast and went down to the ÖtillÖ area and picked up our start bag with bibs and caps. Our legs were a little tired from yesterday in the mountains. 

The course included 4 swims and 5 runs and the total length was 15.3 k. We started with a  short warm up, a little bit of running and swimming. The water temperature was cold but not too cold. We are used to colder water home in Sweden.

A last kiss before the start
3-2-1 gooo

We started fast and was one of the first team down in the water. Patrik first and Fanny behind. Patrik swam like a king and we were first of all teams up from the first swim. Crazy feeling.

First up after the first swim

A 2 k run until next swim and the thin air reminded us that it can be hard breathing.  We slowed down a bit and there were all ready teams and solo racers in the water for the next swim.  This time was Fanny first and Patrik behind. We got closer and closer to the other racers when we were swimming and came up side by side with the leaders. 

Happy and a little groggy after the swim and we know what’s coming, Uphill! We walked and all the others also walked uphill. There’s not so much uphill on the sprint if you compere with the long course but uphill always feels hard. This was a 5 k run until we came to next swim. A mixed team had passed us and we just tried to do our best and have fun. 

Next swim went well and then we had a short run until the last swim. It was current and harder. It felt so much longer than the other swims (it wasn’t)

Up from the swim and ready for the last run, we ran faster than some solo racers and passed a mens team. 

Seeing the finish line with a lot of kite surfers down in the water was super cool! 

We finished happy and proud. 2nd place in mixed team and over all. Engadin Swimrun Sprint

Check out the short video from our race. 

Race video

Thanks ÖtillÖ for a fantastic race and thanks Nocco for the support. We hope to be back next year for the longer course.

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