Home training in Lost gym

This months home training is a workout you can do without equipment. If you want to do it harder, use a weight west.

Put your timer on 30 minutes and count how many rounds you can do.
* 10 push ups
* 10 sit ups
* 10 burpees
* 10 jumping lounges
* 10 jack knifes

Don’t forget to have fun!

Picture from Lost gym in collaboration with

How to create a ninja home

We got a lot of questions about our home so we hope this post will give you the answers. 
We have also done a house tour that you find on Youtube

Our roof is made of concrete.  In concrete walls or roof you must drill, plug and then screw to get a a bracket that sits like the mountain.

We used hooks from Biltema. The distance between are 50 cm.

The grips are from mostly from Euro Holds , F5rce equipment, Mikes gym and Max climbing hold.

The pull up bar is made by @unversal_athlete

Pegboard from Kingsbox
Squat rack that you can move to the wall.

The other equipment like weights, kettlebells, bosu ball, dumbells, gym floor, plyo box in our gym are from and Kingsbox. We have a code that gives you 5% off at Kingsbox. The code is: TEAMLOST5

We had a climbing wall and grips from Euro Holds.

And we have a ninja jump to our bedroom.

We have shelf from Kraftmark. We have almost all our equipment in our bedroom.

The cool lamp is from Nanoleaf

Check this post if you want workout inspiration from Lost gym.

We also have ocr tools from F5rce. With the code FANNY10  you get 10% off on your first order.


Training @ Lost Gym

One of our favourite sessions is Mikko’s Triangle. All you need is a rower, a Ski trainer and an Airbike. Make sure to be mentally prepared because this is not an easy workout.

Mikko’s Triangle
EMOM 40min (every minute on the minute for 40 minutes)
Min 1: Cal Airbike
Min 2: Cal Row
Min 3: Cal Skierg
Min 4: Rest

You set a target calories for every machine and when you are done with your calories you rest until next minute starts. We did 12 calories (Fanny) and 17 calories (Patrik).
It’s a love and hate workout. Super hard but you will feel great after!
Lost gym are supported by Master Fitness and you find all the gear we have here.

(This is a collaboration with Master Fitness )