Hem Blogg What would you have paid to be healthy if you were sick?

What would you have paid to be healthy if you were sick?

av Team Lost

Many people would pay much money to get healthy if they were sick. But not so many know that you can do regular check ups to be aware of that your health is ok and get to know if you have any healty problems like dibetes or high cholesterol coming.

We came in contact with Werlabs some months ago. We ordered the test Hälsokontroll XL plus. You log in with BankID and can find out where you can take your blood test. There’s over 140 places in Sweden where you can take the blood test.

You uasully get your test results 48 hours after you have done your blood test. You get to know if you are in the green area or if you have a result that is in the red area. There’s 43 different things you can read about everything and the doctor writes a summary. It’s very much relevant information.

Our tests was ok this time. Both of us had a little low results with vitamin D and iron. We train a lot and we think it important to do check ups how our bodies are inside so we can see if something is wrong before we get sick. We will try think about vitamin D and iron in our daily food.

We have a code for you: teamlost gives you 10% discount when you buy your test at Werlabs.

This post is in collaboration with Werlabs.

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