Hem Blogg COROS – Review

COROS – Review

av Team Lost

We wanted to take our training to the next level and thought it was a good idea to use watches to mesure our pulse and distances. COROS is a new brand on the market and we have been reading a lot about it.

We have been using the watches for some weeks now. The model we are using is the APEX. The watch is perfect for the training we do.

The installation was easy and to connect with the COROS app only took a few seconds. The first thing we tried was the sleeping analytics.
You can analyse your sleep every morning. If you are sleeping light or deep, how your pulse have been and so on. An important thing to check if you wants to get better recovery.

After your training sessions the watch syncs instantly to you phone and you get your session in the app in just seconds and can start analysing it.

We have never used a watch that are so close in distance. Just 2 meters difference.

Check out coros.com and if you use -TeamLost as your referral code you get a bonus watch band with your purchase (a $30 value).

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