Hem Blogg Next up – Rockman Swimrun

Next up – Rockman Swimrun

av Patrik Widell

Training is going well and we’re pushing together. The team building is on top and our gear seams to work good.

Next weekend we’re going to Fantahåla, Norway to do the Rockman Swimrun! It’s going to be a hell of a challenge for us. It’s not just the longest race we’ve ever done, it’s also the one with the most climb. Some say it’s a swim-climb not swim-run. Haha!

We’re really looking forward to this race and we hope we will make it to the finish line.

Our last Rockman in the Pyrenees was amazing. The plan is to take is slow and enjoy the ride, se how far that will take us.

See the race report from Rockman Pyrenees here.

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