Hem Blogg Workout plan and goals!

Workout plan and goals!

av Team Lost

We still see ourselves as beginners in swimrun. Ok maybe not in the sprint races but in the longer races. We constantly learn during training, about all equipment and during competitions. We have a long-term goal of qualifying for ÖtillÖ World championship next year. 65 km of running and 9.5 km of swimming. We want to be prepared and strong. In the recent months we have received a lot of tips from Oscar Olsson – o2tri. Now he will also help us with training plans. Oscar have been competing in swimrun for many years and have 3 second places in ÖtillÖ World championship. The goal we have this year is to continue to improve without stressing about the results. We want to have fun and inspire others to try out the sport. Our podiums the last months are extra bonus!

We have a lot of things coming up so Oscar is planning our training with this things in mind. We’re looking forward to get better and stronger with Oscars help.

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