Hem Blogg Planning for more adventures 2020

Planning for more adventures 2020

av Team Lost

This year hasn’t come to an end yet, but we’ve already started planning for next year. There’s so many races during the year and you can’t do them all so it’s important to have a plan.

We have looked at BAMM for years and we have been curios about the race. BAMM is a two day orientation race in mountain terrain. You compete in teams of two and you bring equipment for one overnight along the course. Distances offered are 30k, 50k and 70k split on two days.

The participants competing in the 50 and 70km distances will carry all equipment needed to manage two tough days and one night outside in the mountain terrain. This is so much adventure!

After passing all the checkpoints the competitors will reach the night camp where everybody will spend the night in a big camp.

This will be a big challenge for us. Our name is TEAM LOST which means that we often get lost and it’s important at this race to find the right way.
We have signed up for 70k. Now we’re looking forward to do more training like this adventure – Jönköping – Gränna.

Are you interested about this race? If you use the code – teamlostfriends you get 10% discount when you sign up for the race next year.

(pictures are from BAMM)

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