Hem Race rapport Race report Koster Swimrun 2019

Race report Koster Swimrun 2019

av Team Lost

Koster Swimrun last year was our first swimrun race and it was so cool to be back with more experience. ( You find the race report from last year here)

We started to drive from Jönköping to Strömstad. A boat waited for us to take us to the Koster Islands. Petter and Michaela welcomed us and we got a nice room with view over the sea. We stayed at Hotel Ekenäs

During the race briefing we got to know everything about the course and also that it was around 14 degrees in the water. All competitors had dinner together before it was time for the last race preparations.


Saturday – race day
07.00 started with breakfast buffet at the hotel and had some chill time before start. The race started with a jump from a ferry and a short swim.

The following run was one of the longer runs and up and over the island. It was easy to follow the marks. The next swim was really hard last year. It was big waves and we had a lot of struggle. It was so much easier this year and the swim went well.

It was short swims and short runs over many small islands and the time went so fast. The weather was amazing and we really had a great day out.

One part of the race is really tricky, it’s a run with many small rocks. This part was double long last year because of the storm. Fanny was crying and had some trouble with it. Our speed this year over this part was still super slow but a little bit faster than last year and without tears.

We came to the last energy stations and took some Nocco and Barebells to prepare us for the last swim that was 1,3 k. It was a nice last swim before we came up for the last short run to finish line at Ekenäs hotel .

We ended up at 3rd place in the mixed class. The course was around 30 k in total with 5 k swim.

delicious food after the race

The day ended with a dinner together and party.

Koster swimrun is more than a race. It’s amazing weekend. This is a race we really recommend doing.

Thanks to NOCCO for all the support.

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