Hem Äventyr We met the bears and squirrels in Arosa, Switzerland

We met the bears and squirrels in Arosa, Switzerland

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We had a whole day out in the mountains to discovered Arosa. We started the morning and took the cable cars up to the top of Weisshorn. The view was amazing and you can have a 360 view.

Next thing on our program was visiting Arosa Bear Sanctuary.
You find it on the Weisshorn mountain at an altitude of around 1,500 metres above sea level. It is situated close to the cable car’s middle station, right next to the skiing area. It’s a cooperation with FOUR PAWS and they save Bears and taking care of them.

The bears, formerly held in poor conditions, will find an animal-friendly home on an area of three hectares in the Swiss mountains.

In the large, richly structured enclosures, the bears will find a habitat that corresponds to their natural needs. Besides areas for bathing and retreat, various activities are planned to keep the bears occupied. In order to motivate the bears and encourage the development of their instincts, their food will be hidden in new spots every day. Like in the wild, the animals will spend most of their day looking for food.

We took a hike down from the mountain. Futher down you will find some restaurants, where you can have lunch.

The last bit down from the mountain there is a squirrel trail. This is an activity that we all found very fun. The small and cute animals came and ate from our hands. It was a little tricky in the beginning but after we walked the trail a bit it was much easier to come close to them. They eat hassel nuts so we had bought a big bag with us. In autumn the squirrels start collecting their winter stock by burying seeds and nuts.

Here is a GPX-file of the trail to follow.

There’s so much more you can do in Arosa like a challenging rope park at the Obersee, do minigolf, rent a boat and more.

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