Hem Blogg The 3 best islands to swim around in Croatia

The 3 best islands to swim around in Croatia

av Team Lost

We like to swim around islands and here are our best swimming islands in Croatia. A good advice is to make sure not to swim alone and that both have a safety buoy with you.

Galešnjak – <3

The island that looks like a heart. We parked near this sign (picture) and then swam over to the island. The water was clear and with a lot of current. By the island we swam to the left. Here was it a powerful current in the wrong direction and it’s a tough swimming. When you’re going to round the first run it’s shallow. There are many rocks and many sea urchins on the bottom. Hold out from land because you do not want to step to the bottom. Along the back of the island, there is a nice swimming before rounding a cape to get into the top of the heart. The water was calm and there were a lot of fish. The last bit from top to bottom and then over to land again is a tough swimming with current water.

Total about 3600 m


Otok Krapanj

A island where it once lived 2000 people but now only 200 people. We parked at a small shop (Konzum) near the water and walked down to the beach. The water here is not all as current as at Galešnjak. The view is magical with high mountains around the island. We swam to the left past the docks and boats before we got to the other side of the island. It’s not so deep here and there’s sea urchins on the bottom so it is important to hold out properly and not put down your feet. The island felt small from the start but is bigger than you think. The swimming between land and island is relatively short and easy swimming.

Total about 4000 m


Otočić Smokvica

We drove to Primosten and then past hotel Zora and parked at a parking lot. We went out on the beach and swam to the island. The water was calm, super clear and there were no sea urchins. The swimming around the island was magical and relatively short. It’s deep all the time and there is no risk of stepping on sea urchins.
Magical swimming!

Total about 1600 m

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