Hem Blogg ÖtillÖ Utö, race report

ÖtillÖ Utö, race report

av Team Lost

Ötillö Utö is a special race. On this day one year ago we got the idea of doing swimrun together and this was the race we were looking at. We didn’t think that we would do som many races before this.

We took the ferry to Utö at the race day. Started with some Nocco ice pops and rested before the race briefing. This time we knew a little more about everything and could be more relaxed. We didn’t check the course so well. Maybe something that we should do next time. Fanny wrote the swim distance at here hand and we got info that it was between 6-10 degrees in the water. It was cold but we have been practiced in this so it would be ok.

We started with a 2,2 k run before the first swim. The running felt ok and we started quite fast. The first swim was interesting. We tried to have a tow rope for the first time. It ended up with some problems and in the middle we decided to swim without it. We need to swim more with a tow rope so we can use it at races. We could feel that our legs was still a little tired after the races the weekend before in Croatia.

The coming swims went better but it was a little cold and we didn’t get warm at the runs. It was 7 swims in total and the race was 13 k. We where in 4th place after the first swim and hold it until we reached finish line. Super happy and we still know that we have many things to work on.

A fun race and we looking forward to do the longer one next year.

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