Hem Blogg Sjöloppet! RACE REPORT – Winners again

Sjöloppet! RACE REPORT – Winners again

av Team Lost

Wow we won again! We really didn’t expect that.

This week we have practiced quick changes between running and swimming, we feel that this can save us a lot of time during the races. 

Before Sjöloppet we had the attitude of having fun, getting all the changes between running and swimming to work well and get the teamwork to work better. We warmed up with the family race. A little over 1 km running and 200 m swimming. Like last week in Jönköping, the Unicorn was with us. 

Then it was time for the sprint race at 15 km. It was hot and sweaty and we put ourselves at the front of the start.

We ran away quickly and was one of the first teams in the water. Patrik swam first and Fanny was behind. We took the lead after the first swimming. And we found a steady pace in the running. It was trails mixed with some asfalt. We didn’t think much about our place, we just tried to work on our team work and have fun.  

At the end, the sprint race and the distance race ran into the finish line. We was the winners in the sprint class and also with a new course record. Super fun ande well organised race  that we love to run again!

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