Hem Blogg Ångaloppet race report 2019

Ångaloppet race report 2019

av Team Lost

We had a race weekend again. Just one week after Rockman Norway but our bodies felt ok so we decided to do Ångaloppet both 11k and 3,3 k family.

We left Jönköping on Friday night to stay at The Box hotel in Linköping. A super nice hotel and we like that they have a eco friendly approach.

The kids got their own room and were super happy. Early on Saturday morning we picked up breakfast bags, checked out and then went to the start.

Ångaloppet is slightly difference from other swimrun races with equipment you may not use. There’s less equipment on this race and most people run without wetsuit. We also choosed to do so.

We picked up all the stuff and warmed up a little quickly before the start went.

We started running at a good pace before entering the forest and slowing down a bit. The race included a total of 10 swims and 11 runs and a total of 11 km. There were short quick changes.

We tried to have our pace and do our race. There was some super strong mixed teams so we are happy to take the 3rd place.

We had a short break and food after the race before it was time for family race. The distances were 1.5 k or 3.3 k. We choosed 3.3 k and Patrik ran with Noah and Fanny with Leya. Both of the kids really impressed and made super good races and it’s very fun that they are so motivated to train and want to compete in swimrun.

We really recommend Ångaloppet, they have a race for everyone.

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