Hem Blogg Weekend in Norway + Rockman Swimrun

Weekend in Norway + Rockman Swimrun

av Team Lost

We have been looking forward to this weekend for so long! Rockman Swimrun is a race that have been on our bucket list from day 1. 

In collaboration with MABI hyrbilar we borrowed a Mini cooper over the weekend. A perfect sized car for our adventures. 

We started our roadtrip on Thursday and the first stop was Mærrapanna i Norway. We put up our tent. Had some dinner and saw an amazing sunset. 

Amazing sunset

We are using a tent from Vaude. We really like the brand, the quality and that they have eco friendly products. The have a Green Shape label, that means that their products are made from sustainable materials.

They are under constant review and cover the entire lifecycle of the product from design, through production, care and maintenance, to repair and the product’s end of life. The tent we use are for 2 persons and take us around 10 min to set up (and we are slow). The products we have is tent Hogan SUL 2P, Matress Performance 7 M , Sleeping bags Alpstein Concept Alpstein 200 DWN  and backpack Trail spacer 18.

We woke up and took a short dip in the sea before it was time to drive to Stavanger for Rockman Swimrun. We had a short swimrun break in porpuse of checking all our gear one last time before the race. Everything felt great and we continued driving to Stavanger. We arrived just in time to pick up our racegear and to the race briefing. 

We went to bed early because we were boarding the boat to the start at 06:00. 

Race day – Rockman Swimrun! Ok so all you might want to know about the race is HERE.

Last day in Norway and time to drive 11 hours home. We stayed at a super cool spot at did a short hike at Brufjellhålene.

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