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Climate tips

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We know that flights are not the best for the environment. Our biggest climate impact is through the flight, so we have chosen to carbon offset for our trips last year but also this year. We are also aware of what we can do about the environment when we travel and thought it would be great to sharing some tips.

  • First, look for the train alternatives.
  • If you need to fly. Direct flights are better than stops
  • Climate compensate your travel trip
  • Choose a hotel with some type of sustainability or eco-label.
  • Turn off the lamp door and turn off the air conditioner when not needed.
  • Be scarce with the water in the shower.
  • Recycle the towel in the hotel room.

To limit climate change, we need to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases, for example by choosing climate-smart transportation, using green electricity, and eating more plant-based food. But no matter how ambitious you are, you’re still going to have a carbon footprint.

Carbon offsetting means that you pay to reduce emissions equivalent to your own through certified climate projects in developing countries. A project can, for example, involve conserving and planting forests or replacing dirty coal power with solar or wind power. By carbon offsetting, you contribute to reducing emissions where you can have the biggest impact! In a world where over 80% of our energy comes from fossil fuels, your carbon offsets make a real and guaranteed benefit for our climate.

Check this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ave2eJskFBg

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