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Why we are using Vivobarefoot shoes

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When someone explains for you how shoes and feet work we think the most people react the same.

– But why haven’t anyone told me this before?

When we look at our feet and how they should look like and compare this with todays shoes it doesn’t match. Most of the shoes are not shaped after our feet.

Patrik use to run a lot with barefoot shoes a couple of years ago. Building up the feets since he had problems running, and pain in the legs. Nothing he got from the doctors worked and he read on the internet that he should try out barefoot running. It was like starting over and he finally found something that worked and he could run again. 5 year of crossfit later he had a lot of different shoes with more cushion. The last year have been much more focus on running and swimrun, so he want to come back to barefoot running again. He love the feeling of running barefoot and feeling the ground under the feets. With Vivobarefoot he can accomplish that feeling again. The ambition is to get used to running with minimalistic shoes and do long races “barefoot”. Vivobarefoot seams to be the perfect match for that.

Fanny have a background from horseback ridning, kickboxing, boxing, climbing and ninja warrior training. She have always loved running but have been struggling with different kind of running related problems since she was around 13 years old. Shin splints was a big problem for many years and the solution was always insoles. She have had 4 stress fractures also been struggling with runners knee. She thought the solution was bigger shoes and more support but she was wrong. Last year she took the time to not stress to comeback after a injurie. She took away a lot of workouts and focused on getting stronger feet and legs with time for recovery. She was up north in Sweden and running/walking in mountains. A lot of barefoot walking and running in thinner shoes. She realised that she started to trust her feet more and they got stronger at the same time.

What are we doing now ?
You can’t just switch to barefoot shoes over a night without getting injuries. We have started to use Vivobarefoot shoes more and more in our daily life and right now are we both using Vivobarefoot daily. Patrik is running with them almost every session and Fanny are variering shoes at the same time when she are trying to get stronger. Barefoot shoes makes your feet tired and we are using a foot massage from Flowlife to get the best recovery for our feet. We are aslo spending more time barefoot without shoes.

What we like about Vivobarefoot
We like Vivobarefoots vision about reconnecting people and nature. Sustainability is having the health of ecosystems and people embedded in its DNA. 

We also like that the company thinks a lot about sustainability. By 2020 they want to use 90% sustainable materials across their product range. You can read more about it here.

Our favourite shoes from Vivobarefoot
We have picked out our favourites below.

Patriks favourites:

Fannys favourites:

This post is in collaboration with Vivobarefoot.

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