Hem Blogg Switzerland and ÖtillÖ Engadin

Switzerland and ÖtillÖ Engadin

av Team Lost

Switzerland is a country with dream views.   The reason why we went to Switzerland (except that it’s super cool) was to participate in ÖtillÖ Engadin. – You can read more about the race HERE.

We flew from Gothenburg to Zurich and then we took the train from Zurich to St Moritz. We booked train at this page and it’s easiest to download their app. There were some stops and changes to the train and it took 3-4 hours and we got to see amazing views. You don’t have wifi on the train and it’s an extra cost to use mobil data in Switzerland. In St Moritz we took the bus to Silvaplana. Silvaplana is a small village with a supermarket, a few restaurants and hotels. Many people also come here for kite surfing.

We came some days before the race and it’s a great thing to do since Engadin is about 1800 meters up and the air is tinnier. 

We stayed at Conrads Mountain Lounge and had a big room with a little kitchen. We had a fantastic view over the lake and the mountains.

The hotel felt very friendly and it was a great breakfast buffet in the morning. You find all you want and you can order scramble egg and bacon direct. 

When you stay at Conrads you have cabin cars and rental bikes included. We decided to take us up to one of many mountains the first day. We walked around 20 min to come to the cabin pace ( you can also take the bus). The cabin that should take us up to the Corvatsch top 3303 meters up with one stop half way up.  Amazing views on the way up and from the top!

We took the cabin half way down and then we walked down. Not the best thing to do the day before race but it was super beautiful. 

Saturday was race day! So much fun and you can read more and see a video from it HERE.

Sunday and we went up early. The hotel had opened the breakfast extra early for those who had race day. The long course at ÖtillÖ started on Sunday. The start was at 8.00 am and around 10 k from Silvaplana and the racers traveld with a bus. We borrowed bikes to follow the race. Biking around did that we got to see a l ot of cool places when we followed the race. It’s fun and exiting to follow the race without racing. 

We went down to the lake for a little morning swim the last day. The water was cold but it was a great training for next years ÖtillÖ Engadin.  We had the last breakfast before we checked out and took the train back to Zurich. 

Thanks ÖtillÖ Engadin for this year. We hope to be back next year for the long course.

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